Innovative RO Partnership – Longreach Council


Longreach Council, Queensland



Project type:

Customer Need

Longreach Council in Queensland, Australia had an urgent need to replace an aging and redundant gas chlorination system for a local community. Xylem Water Solution & Technology contracted FILTEC to design and plan a process involving a free issue Pro 23 Series Reverse Osmosis system (from Suez) for a water treatment container (WTP) that combines pre-treatment, membrane cleaning and UV disinfection as post treatment for bore water that was at 60 degrees.

What We Did

FILTEC was able to turnaround the project under a short period. Design was completed within three days of the request. The whole WTP was built, including a bespoke overall control system, HMI, PLC and FAT in FILTEC’s Mt Waverley premises in less than ten weeks ready for dispatch to Longford. Installation and commissioning on site was completed in three days. In order to treat the bore water that was at 60 degrees, FILTEC designed a process to first run the water through a cooling tower then a circulation system to ensure that only water below 30 degrees will feed through the WTP, preventing the plant to overheat.

The Results

Although there was a tight deadline to compete the project and challenges of treating hot water, FILTEC managed to provide an innovative solution while meeting the deadline. 

More importantly, now the community has safe and quality water that meets the Australian drinking water guidelines.