Laboratory Water

Water purification systems for producing high purity laboratory water to use in clinical analysis, hospital sterilisation, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Laboratory water is critical for accurate results and safety

If you’re in an industry that requires laboratory water, you know how critical it is to have access to high-quality, purified water for your operations. Laboratory water is essential for ensuring accurate and reliable results in testing and research, and crucial for maintaining the safety and efficacy of your products and processes.

At FILTEC, we understand the importance of high purity laboratory water and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible water purification solutions. That’s why we’re the exclusive distributor in Australasia of Purite water purification systems, designed specifically for the needs of hospitals, clinical and science laboratories, academic research, pharmaceutical facilities, and more.

Laboratory Water purification systems
Solutions for all healthcare
and laboratory facilities
Providing you with leading laboratory water purification systems

Our team of experts understand that different industries and processes require different types of laboratory water. We will help you assess your laboratory operational needs and provide you with a water purification solution that meets the strictest standards for quality, purity, and safety.

We offer full installation, commissioning, and technical support, plus training services for your team on how to maintain and operate your water purification system.

Laboratory Water purification systems

Consistent Water Quality

Purite water purification systems are designed to provide consistent, Type I, II and III water, ensuring safe sterilisation practices and accurate laboratory results.

Low Maintenance

With user-friendly interfaces and easy maintenance, Purite Water Purification Systems are simple to operate, saving you time and increasing productivity.


The Purite water purification range offers a variety of solutions to suit different laboratory needs, from benchtop systems to large-scale installations.

Energy Efficient

ECO option available on selected models which incorporates an energy saving stand-by feature and 50% recovery of the reverse osmosis water, making the Purite systems energy efficient and low on water usage and waste.

Quality Compliance

All models comply with the BS EN ISO3696 and ASTM D1193-06 industry standards and are manufactured within ISO9001 guidelines. IQ/OQ documentation available.

FILTEC’s water purification solutions

These solutions meet the strict standards for laboratory applications, providing ultrapure water that ensures accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Suitable for pathology, haematology, dentistry, chemistry, pharmaceutical, biology, quality control and general laboratories.

These solutions provide a dependable feed of Type I, II and III water for all leading makes of clinical analysers. While the Integra range supports laboratories requiring greater daily volumes of purified water with several points of use.

Suitable for analyser feed at pathology and other clinical laboratories.

If you need a low-cost, reliable supply of purified water for your hospital SSD, CSSD or decontamination units then our range of purpose-built water purification systems provide the solutions you need.

Suitable for hospital sterilisation, endoscopy washing and other disinfection purposes.

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