The Future for Small Community UV Systems

TrojanUV is the world leader in UV technology, serving large cities, major water bottlers, and tens of thousands of private homeowners. For more than 30 years TrojanUV has led with technology advances that allows complete water confidence. Once again they lead the way with the next generation of UV systems.

Filtec have combined these advanced UV systems with a cartridge filter on a panel. This enables simple installation that complies with the NZDWS standard.

New advances includes:

  • Amalgam Lamp with 2-year life
  • Fan cooled UV chamber (no more false alarms)
  • Sensor with test trigger to allow operator to ensure sensor is functioning correctly
  • Internal Flow Restrictor to meet strict NSF55 Class A Standards
  • Separate fully enclosed Power Control Centre (electronics are away from water, reducing corrosion from moisture and/or condensation)
  • Comms Centre with: computer management connection, mini SD memory card slot to record UV activity and compliance, R5232 output. Only one Comms Centre is required to monitor up to 9 Trojan UV systems.

“Why UV Light is the Right Choice for Water Purification”

Instills Water Confidence:
 Owner’s of a Trojan UVMax can drink with confidence knowing 99.99% of illness-causing microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia are destroyed, supplying safe water to every tap.

Environmentally-friendly and Chemical Free: UV water purification is a natural process that adds no chemicals and does not affect the taste or odour of water. Other methods, such as those that use Chlorine, may create harmful chemicals that have been linked with serious illnesses, such as cancer.

Trouble-free Maintenance: Maintenance is simple and can be completed in minutes – without tools. It’s as easy as replacing the UV lamp once a year and periodically cleaning the sleeve.

For more information contact Craig Freeman on email: or phone
04 232 2402