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Purite Labwater Deionisers


For dentists and academic research laboratories, including schools and universities.

The Purite Labwater dionisation unit produces low volumes of purified water from a standard laboratory water supply, with the ability to connect to a tap via a flexible hose.

Type II / Deionised (DI) water

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The Purite Labwater is a simple, cost-effective option for producing low volumes of purified water between 1 and 10 microSiemens per centimeter  on-demand. Connection to a tap or stock-cock is via a simple flexible hose. Fitting is quick and simple.

Purite Labwater deionisers can easily be wall-mounted and are simply connected by a conventional hose to a laboratory tap. They operate under standard water pressure, so no additional parts are required.

The Purite Labwater uses a special resin which absorbs ionic contaminants. As the resin becomes saturated its colour changes from blue to brown to indicate when a replacement is required.

The colour-change resin indicates when replacement is required. Two versions are available, for flow rates of up to 60 litres per hour. Output capacity will vary depending on water hardness; typically, capacity will be up to 1280 litres for soft water regions.


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