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Purite Integra HP


For clinical analyser feed.

The Purite Integra HP is a compact high volume laboratory water purification and distribution unit, capable of providing a wide range of options.

Type I, II or III water / RO water / Deionised (DI) water / Ultrapure water (UPW)

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The Purite Integra HP produces ultrapure water that is free from all impurities, including bacteria, pyrogens, and organic and inorganic contaminants.

Whether you’re analysing blood samples, preparing reagents or cleaning equipment, the Integra HP is an essential tool for ensuring the highest quality water for your laboratory needs.

The Purite Integra HP is a compact water purification and distribution unit. Fully integrated, it incorporates reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation technology, with storage and a distribution pump. It is also available with optional carbon dioxide, membrane degassing and bacterial filtration technology.

The system provides a minimum flow rate of 400 litres per hour at water qualities between 30 microsecond per centimetre and 18.2 megaohms per centimetre.

The use of a low-energy recirculation pump reduces energy consumption, while an integrated colour touchscreen display provides full monitoring and control.

Key features of the Purite Integra HP:

  • Range of make-up rates 60/120/190 litres per hour.
  • Integral 50 litre purified water storage tank.
  • Full colour LCD touch screen display.
  • Low energy recirculation pump.
  • Optional manual by-pass to provide continuity of service.
  • Produces 120 or 190 l/hr (requires softened feed).
  • Option of Integral 50 litre or external 300 litre purified water storage tank.
  • Optional carbon dioxide membrane degasser to enhance deioniser capacity.
  • Range of polishing deioniser options to meet all purity requirements and standards.
  • Full colour LCD touch screen display for ease of operation.
  • Low energy recirculation pump to conserve energy during periods of low demand
  • IQ/OQ documentation available.

Purite Integra HP brochure


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