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Pentair PRF-RO System


Pentair four-stage reverse osmosis system

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Pentair Water’s inventive four-stage system delivers the purity of reverse osmosis water treatment in less space, driven only by average home water pressure.

No pumps or water storage tanks are needed. This means no pump noise and a smaller footprint than typical units, making placement easier under a kitchen sink.

While small in size, the Pentair Water RO System is big in filtering capability. The four-stage filtering system is able to reduce substances as small as 1/1000 the width of a human hair (a size which includes molecules of lead, arsenic, radium and many other toxins).


Each stage adds an extra level of clarity, cleanliness and taste

1) A carbon pre-filter traps large particles, maintaining a strong water flow

2) Dual Stage reverse osmosis elements work in tandem to further reduce impurities* and increase efficiencies

3) An additional carbon post-filter maximizes the water’s freshness and flavour

* For specific reduction levels please refer to the performance data sheet


This commercial quality unit has high output and delivers the following benefits,

Noticeably better tasting drinking water means no more bottled water expense, hassle or waste

Clearer, more flavourful coffee, tea and juice and hard, clear ice cubes

Make baby formula right from the tap

Spot-free rinsing of dishes and glassware

On-demand flow system, continuous flow, no storage tank needed

Functions without pump or electricity, line pressure: 2.76 bar

Consistent membrane efficiency

High recovery system

High impact plastic construction

Compact and sleek styling

Complete product literature and training support


This unit is also known as a Merlin RO

Tough Stuff – Long-lasting, impact-resistant polypropylene plastic construction, for years of reliable performance.

Practically Maintenance Free – Quick, clean and easy cartridge replacement – nothing to scrub or disinfect.

No Tank – No storage tank to leak or become contaminated.

Never Runs Dry – Continuous flow capable of producing over twelve hundred Litres per day.

Fits In Nicely – Free-standing, compact footprint fits where other bulky systems can’t.

Pentair Reverse Osmosis Brochure

Pentair PRF-RO Specification sheet


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