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FILTEC UF Guardian

The FILTEC UF Guardian is a pressurised ultrafiltration water treatment solution to help you cost-effectively make water safer.

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Based on the Suez ZeeWeed 1500 membrane, the FILTEC UF Guardian is an economic solution suitable for drinking water, process water and treated wastewater applications delivered as a skid-mounted package or an optional containerised solution.

The Suez ZeeWeed 1500 pressurised UF membrane is a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow fibre membrane that provides high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. In addition to outside – in filtration, it provides uniform flow distribution and high solids tolerance. Find out more about the Suez ZeeWeed 1500 membranes.

  • Designed to meet DWSNZ and Australian Drinking Water guidelines, providing 4 log credits
  • Absolute barrier of 0.02 micron, able to screen out viruses
  • Adaptable to a wide range of flow rates from 2 to 10 L/s (7 to 36 m3/hr)
  • Capable of receiving ground and surface water of up to 100 NTU*
  • Modular plug and play system design with optional extras
  • Compact skid mounted design with expandable capability
  • An optional containerised solution that allows mobility
  • Based on Suez ZeeWeed 1500 membrane modules
  • Fully automated backwash system
  • Remote monitoring option

*with suitable pre-treatment

FILTEC UF Guardian Brochure


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