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FILTEC Fluoride AquaDose

The FILTEC Fluoride AquaDOSE HFA Dosing System is a safe and cost-effective method of adding fluoride into drinking water, using Hydrofluorosilicic acid.

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A Compliant and Cost-Effective HFA Dosing System for Your Community’s Drinking Water


The FILTEC Fluoride AquaDOSE HFA system offers a dependable and cost-efficient way to add fluoride to drinking water, while fully complying with the New Zealand drinking water and fluoride dosing code of practice. One size fits all for this system, allowing it to cater to populations of up to 10,000 people (3MLD) using Hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFA).


Every component of the Fluoride AquaDOSE HFA Dosing System has been designed with safety as the top priority and is fully compatible with HFA.


The Fluoride AquaDOSE utilises a flow-paced dosing method to accurately maintain the desired fluoride levels in the drinking water. The fluoride analyser continuously monitors the fluoride levels, serving as an independent check to ensure compliance with the code of practice.

Additionally, the pump is calibrated using a closed loop calibration cylinder to ensure precise dosing of HFA into the drinking water.


For safe chemical storage, the 200L chemical drum is situated within a bund that complies with HSNO standards.


It features a suction lance to control emissions and an alert system that notifies personnel when the chemical level is low.

The chemical bund also includes a dividing wall to separate the bulk chemical from the chemical dosing board and analyser. The chemical dosing board is covered with a splash shield, offering maximum protection to personnel against any potential chemical spray.

The Fluoride AquaDOSE HFA Dosing System is supplied with a drum lifter in case one is not available on site, and the entire system is mounted on a plastic pallet. This makes it easy to forklift the system into position and facilitates chemical changeouts with minimal manual handling or chemical contact, providing a safe and efficient solution.

System Equipment

  • 200L secondary containment bund (220L minimum).
  • Grundfos rigid suction lance with emission protection kit.
  • Grundfos DDA-7.5/16 FCM PP/T (polypropylene head with PTFE gasket).
  • Grundfos multi-function valve, with relief valve component piped back to 200L drum.
  • Plastic injection quill to dose into the customers water line.
  • Alarm module, that compares the 4-20mA outputs from the dosing pump and the flowmeters and sends SMS alarm if a significant deviation.
  • Electronic water meter, that measures the customer’s flow rate and signals 4-20mA back to dosing pump (option).
  • Drum tipper to place drum into the containment bund and remove used drums (option).
  • Fluoride water analyser (Hach or W&T), supplied either mounted to the dosing skid or free issues and wired back to the dosing pump.

One size fits all.

Water Treatment Plant Flows (m3/day)

  • 150
  • 1,500
  • 3,000

Population Served based on 300L/d/p

  • 500
  • 5,000
  • 10,000

HFA Usage (L/day)

  • 0.51
  • 5.1
  • 10.2

Materials of Construction

  • Pumps: PVDF or other HFA resistant material
  • All Piping: HDPE
  • Bund: HDPE

FILTEC Fluoride AquaDOSE HFA Brochure


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