Paint for Graffiti Guardians

FILTEC recently donated 15 cans of Dulux Precision Anti-Graffiti Coating paint to the Waitangirua Action Group, as know as the Graffiti Guardians. The Dulux paint is heavy-duty surface protection against graffiti, once coated, graffiti can be easily removed by high water pressure.

The Waitangirua Action Group was established in 2006, began as a group of dedicated and unemployed women from Waitangirua wanting to do give back to the community, since then they have been heavily involved in keeping the city graffiti free.

Under the guidance of the Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust (PHSCT), WAG provides a commercial paint out service for many of the City’s walkways, some public spaces and residential properties, they also took on contracts with commercial businesses. Furthermore, they do a lot of work with youth, from changing their mindset to prevent future tagging to providing support for those who have been convicted.

FILTEC has been working with Porirua City Council to design and build wastewater containers for the city. There was excess paint from the project and FILTEC sees this as a good opportunity to give back to the community and WAG was identified as the group that would have the most use for the excess paint.